Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who knew that having a newborn in the house, would cramp my time management skills? lol Em is well on her way to being 4 months old, hence time for me to go back to work. Yep, only 4 more days to finish all of the things that need to get done. Including cleaning the whole house, get dental appts for the kids, dr appts for Michael & Joshua, organize the garage, should I go on?
I also really want to start my own Etsy store. Hopefully tonight I can sit down & do a few of the craft projects I've been wanting to try. Some hairbows for Emma, a cute initial hairbow holder, & a tutu. Would love to start saving extra money for a Disneyland trip next year with the family. With 7 kids (our 6 & letting Sam take a friend), plus my parents, you know it won't be cheap! Hopefully be back later w/ pics of my crafting.